Wafer probing

Providing electrical test from COLD to HOT

Aptasic - Wafer Probing

Wafer Probing

Aptasic offers multi-site wafer probing starting from 4” wafers up-to 12” wafers. Test can be performed at COLD, AMBIENT and HOT ranging from -40°C to 125-200°C.


We develop Hardware and Test Software concept to optimize the multi-site test up to 16 parallel site probing.

The idea is to make the most efficient usage of the test system resources to cover the requirements.

Aptasic develop a flexible concept for dedicated hardware implementation.

This concept includes cantilever or vertical probing technologies, Specific DUT boards and standards / custom load-boards.

CMOS Imager

Aptasic has a complete test concept in place to test CMOS Imagers on 12 inches wafers. The Test SW structure is structural and functional to secure the qualitative and the quantitative aspects of the imager.

Light stimulation concept is also applicable for various wavelengths and the environment is fully updated to comply with very high sensitivity device.

This particular competences and appropriate equipment set up has been proven over the last years and we can provide a very high level of quality using extremely cost effective methods.

Aptasic - Our Solutions - Wafer Probing

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