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To complete and grow our team, we are looking for a Maintenance Technician/Engineer Some more infos : job description You are motivated and want to bring your competencies to our company? Get in contact with

Mrs Jacqueline BALMAT

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A new ATE is now in operation!

Aptasic has just released a new Test system Credence LTX D10. The program is moving and we will install some more capacity in our facility. This ATE is compatible with the current set-up and we can now take more engineering and production volumes in parallel.

Aptasic increase his probing capacity

Aptasic is pushing his equipment "redundancy" strategy to secure his production capabilities. Since July 2016, a new EG4090 8 inches prober is in operation. We are constantly taking care of securing the throughput and offering expended capacity.

A Test House with extended supply chain and services

Aptasic as a test house offers turnkey solutions to efficiently handle the ASIC supply chain. We supply wafers from world wide state of the art foundries. We probe the wafers and handle the back-end processes up to the delivery of good packaged ICs.

Our services are supported by modern and flexible equipments:

  • Test program development: analog/mixed signal (AMS), digital scan test, memory BIST, radio frequency (RF)
  • Multi-site wafer probing at cold/room/hot temperature (-40C° / 150C°)
  • Parallel package test at cold/room/hot temperature (-40C° / 150C°)

Aptasic has successfully served more than 200 projects over the last 5 years. A crew of experienced and knowledgeable engineers is providing best services in the test and ASIC supply chain domain.

Our motivation is to provide efficient, tailored and pragmatic solutions to our clients. We aim to provide the appropriate service level.

Located in Boudry, Neuchatel (Switzerland), existing since 1979 (under CSEE brand) Aptasic is ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2006 and ISO13485:2012 since 2015.

ISO 9001:2008 certified ISO 13485:2012 certified