ASIC Procurement, Test, and Supply Chain Management

Aptasic as a test house offers full turnkey solutions to efficiently handle the ASIC Supply Chain.


Turnkey Solutions ? The Good News Is, You Have Options


Turnkey solutions?

The Good News Is,

You Have Options

Aptasic SA

A Test house doing wafer probing, supporting back-end processes and final test up to delivery of your good tested ASIC.

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Verkaufsingenieur, 100% (m/w)

Verkaufsingenieur, 100% (m/w)

Aptasic SA, in Boudry (NE) ist ein grosser europäischer Anbieter im Bereich des Tests und anderer Dienstleistungen für die Beschaffung und Produktion von applikationsspezifischen integrierten Schaltkreisen (ASIC). Zur Verstärkung unserer Verkaufsabteilung, suchen wir ab sofort oder nach Absprache, einen Verkaufsingenieur.

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Do not forget about DfT Techniques !

Do not forget about DfT Techniques !

As a test house, we are sometimes facing ICs that are very complex to test and which slow down the production and increase general costs. Applying Design for Test Techniques directly in your SPECs will ensure fast and efficient testing process.

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