Do not forget about DfT Techniques !

Nov 27, 2018 | Solutions

What does DfT stands for?

Design for Test.

Some of you when designing an ICs, only consider two points of view: designers’ view (easy to design, reliable) vs managers view (cost effective). However, most forget about the ICs testability point of view !

What is test all about ?

Test should cover fabrication defects in order to guarantee:

– Economically viable business
– Fast and effective production condition
– The handling of increased complexity

Why is it important?

By designing your IC for test you will automatically reduce the unavoidable test costs of complex ICs.

How is that ? As a test house, having ICs that are easy to test not only will it increase accessibility and observability but it will also ensure predictable ICs responses!

Therefore general costs link to:

– Shorten test development time
– Facilitate testing at system level
– Improve product quality

In resume, it is a win-win situation!

We often get into projects where we are facing complex ICs, for which we often have to change the design in order to make the testing possible.

Moreover, late detection of fabrication defects will have a costly impact:

– Company image loss
– Missing window of opportunity
– Delayed time to cash (TT$)

Being at the end of your Supply Chain process, we are trying our best to avoid those kind of situations. This is why, we would like to raise your awareness and to consider calling us before starting the design of your project.

We have experimented engineers who will advise you on the design of your ICs in order to assure fast and efficient testing process.

Consider DfT very early, Testability should be part of your SPECs !

Download our DfT presentation here !

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