Dedication to CMOS Imagers

Dec 18, 2018 | Equipment

ATE and Probers dedicated to CMOS imager probing !


Not only do we have specific equipment but also a dedicated test concept for CMOS imagers

Our equipment include:

  • LTXC D10 ATE mixed signal: DPIN96. VIS16, DPS, MultiWave, DIBU
  • EG4090 Prober : 8 inches (dark & clean set-up)
  • Ex3000 Accretec prober: 12 inches (dark & clean set-up)

Our test solution development for CMOS Imagers includes 11 steps :

  1. Signal pad Opens-and-shorts and leakage current tests
  2. Basic power draw at hardcoded defaults
  3. Serial control register (SPI port) test
  4. DACs test
  5. Digital control signals test
  6. Power shorts on array columns test
  7. Test pixels test
  8. Power draw vs. IBias DAC settings
  9. Function evaluation
      • Video Amp gain selection and column binning
      • S/H time constant selection Dynamic gain switching
      • Pixel gain selection functionality
      • Row binning
  10. Performance evaluation
      • Pixels offset and electronic noise
      • Pixels leakage current
      • Video buffer electronic noise
      • Sensitivity, Saturation levels and saturation artifacts
      • Linearity
      • Video amplifier settling
      • Crosstalk, non-uniformity and other image artifacts over signal range and steps in image
  11. Defective pixels, row segments, column segemtns, rows, coulmns
      • Test results reporting
      • Default acquisition timing sequence
      • Correlated double sampling

Our test flow is tailored to your coverage requirements… up to 12 inches Wafers !

Download our CMOS presentation here !

Don't hesitate to contact us for more details !

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